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Legal Compliance

Legal Notice

Choosing us can be the ideal choice for you if you want to have your procedure done in a quick and fast manner which is also hassle free.

 On call discussion about the disputes
 Basic drafting about points to be covered in the notice
 Legal Notice finalization
 2 Revisions at No Cost

Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement refers to a formal document that is between a user and a service provider that gives a framework that is measurable for the provision of a particular service

 Discussion about your business
 Agreement drafting
 2 Round alterations

Change in Object Clause

The object clause of the company states the purpose for which the company is incorporated. In case, company want's to change the object after incorporation, the Memorandum of Association (MOA) would have to be amended as per Companies Act, 2013.

 Board Resolution
 Conduct EGM
 Special Resolution
 Filing of Form MGT-14 with ROC

Change in Name Clause

The name of the Company can be changed by passing a special resolution in a board meeting. Section 13, of companies, act deals with the Company's name change process. Once MCA gives its approval for the name change in the memorandum of association and in the article of association is also mandatory.

 Check name availability
 Board Resolution
 MOU and AOA Drafting
 Name approval certificate

Removal of Director

The Composition of Directors and types of directors appointed in a company depends upon the nature of the company. Director has been defined under Companies Act 2013, which means the director appointed to the board of a company.

 Expert Consultation
 Notice of resignation is to be attached in case of cessation of a Director
 Evidence of cessation is to be attached in case of cessation of a Director.
 Board Resolution