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Business Registration

Private Limited Company Registration

With the expanding global economy and technological advancements, registering your company has never been this easy! Save time, energy and money by reading through our complete guide on how to registe..

 Two DSC & up to two DINs
 Name Reservation for your Company
 Company Agreement
 Company PAN & TAN
 Corporate Identification Number {CIN}
 Bank account opening

Limited Liability Partnership

The word LLP holds immense significance in the corporate world and refers to Limited Liability Partnership which differs from Private Limited Company and General Partnership in terms of liability, protection and cost.

 Two DSC & up to two DINs
 Name Reservation
 Company Agreement
 LLP Agreement
 Current bank account opening
 Free assistance regarding compliance requirement after LLP Incorporation over LLP

Public Limited Company Registration

Company Law recognizes multiple criteria for the classification of companies based on of the size of the entity, number of members, control of the company, manner of accessing capital and liability.

 Three DSC & up to three DINs
 Name Reservation
 Company Agreement
 Company Agreement
 Company PAN & TAN
 Corporation Identification Number {CIN}

One Person Company

One Person Company has some distinctive features which differentiate it from an LLP, Private Limited Company, and other similar forms of business structures.

 One DSC & One DIN
 Company Name Reservation
 Company PAN & TAN
 Assured registration in 15 days
SPICe approval (INC-32)

Partnership Registration

Opposite to the Limited Liability Partnership and Private Limited Company types, a General Partnership consists of a minimum of two people who agrees to manage a business based on the terms and conditions set in a Partnership Deed.

 On call discussion about business model
 Partnership deed drafting
 Partnership deed registration
 Partnership PAN No
 Stamping and Notary of Partnership Deed

Sole Proprietorship Registration

At times, it happens that you are tired of working under people and want to set up your business. Setting up a Sole Proprietorship Firm saves you from this situation and that also when the prices are so low.

 Discussion about your business model
 Proprietorship Name Reservation
 MSME & GST Registration
 Application submission
 Registration certificate in 7-15 days

Nidhi Company Registration

In today's world, there are so many talented and ambitious people who want to start their very own businesses. At Kahar Tax, we try our best to help such people.

 7 DSC & up to 3 DINs
 Nidhi Company Name Reservation
 SPICe Approval
 MoA & AoA
 Nidhi company registration certificate
 Nidhi Company PAN & TAN
 ROC Approval
 Template for Current Bank Account opening

Producer Company Registration

This was introduced with the Companies' Act of 2013 in India and it provides an opportunity for the people who are engaged in producing, such as farming, where they are growing and producing to form a company.

 5 DSCs and 5 DINs
 Reservation of Company Name
 Approval for INC-32 i.e. SPICe
 TAN & PAN of your company
 Template for Current Bank Account opening
 Corporation Identification Number {CIN}

Shop & Establishment License

One of the most important regulations to which most businesses in India are required to comply is the Shop and Establishment Act, which is enacted state wise.

 Check the data
 Connect with the vendors
 License Receipt
 Annual tax returns
 Business planning
 MSME & GST Registration

NBFC Registration

In past few years, the FinTech based NBFCs have become the attraction for investors and Startups so prepare yourself and fasten your seatbelts because we are sending you to the moon!

 NBFC Registration
 NBFC Business Plan
 NBFC Registration Fees
 Application for CoR (3 Set )
 NBFC License
 Full assistance before and after incorporation

Alternative Investment Fund Registration

Alternative investment funds mean establishment which is privately pooled investment. AIF collect Funds from investors to provide return.

 Application drafting in form A
 Eligibility Check
 Pre and Post Registration Compliance
 Certificate of Registration

NBFC Takeover

The whole process of NBFC Takeover can be completed within a period of 60 days, with Kahar Tax.

 Due Diligence of Target Company
 Company Valuation
 Filing of an application for Change in Management
 Business Plan
 Risk Assessment Model

FFMC Licensen

FFMCs business is to widen access to foreign exchange facilities to residents and tourists while ensuring efficient customer service through competition.

 Expert Consultation
 Document Evaluation
 Eligibility Check
 Application Drafting

Business Plan

Every business needs to have a business plan, either for the purpose of attracting investors or to provide direction to the business.

 Expert Consultation
 Business plan
 Market Analysis
 Cash Flow
 Financial Projections